We are proud to offer a range of titanium frames to suit road cycling, gravel riding, touring, and MTB. We have access to a wide range of tubing sizes, machined fittings, and custom 3D-printed parts, but the number of options often overwhelms the uninitiated.

That's why we have arranged of frames into three tiers: Endurance, Performance, and Performance Ultra.

All three are made from certified Grade 9 (3Al-2.5V) cold-worked and stress-relieved titanium tubing and are built to order in our Perth workshop. Where they differ is in the choice of starting materials, and therefore, the final cost.

Endurance frames: robust and hard wearing frames made from straight gauge tubing with machined dropouts. Available for every model in our catalogue (see below).

Performance frames: tuned to provide an extra edge in performance thanks to internally butted Reynolds tubing and custom 3D-printed dropouts. Custom sizing and painted forks to match the frame are all part of this upgrade available for our Karang Rim, Karang Disc, and Kwibidgi.

Performance Ultra frames: by adding a custom 3D-printed bottom bracket shell to our Performance frame, we've created the very best titanium frame that we can make. Available as an upgrade for Karang Rim, Karang Disc, and Kwibidgi.